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Tag: if-statement

if and else in Convolution function

I have a problem with use if and else statement in convolution function. this code return error: use any() or all() how to can i use condition in convolve? I hope you always good luck. thanks. Answer The name function is called with a numpy array as the parameter. “Is the array less than 300?” isn’t meaningful. Are all the

Continue in if conditional python loop is not working

Results are I was expecting that it would identify the first pattern DS in the first string in list a, then move to next element. However, it proceed to identify DY as well. What am I doing incorrectly? Any help is appreciated. Thanks Answer Try to replace continue with break like this Output: сontinue actually means that you go to bot ignoring

I have a bot that every 1 to 12 hours sends a random message into a specific channel (the channel that the command !random is used in). A certain handful of these message are yes/no questions, and I want to make it that the bot will respond if somebody says yes/no. The code works, the issue is I want the

Run Loop If Value Does Not Exist in Database

#update – I fixed the syntax error moving a ), but it still doesn’t work as intended. Now it runs the loop even with a duplicate, which is not the intent. I’m trying to add a list of quotes to a database, but only if the author doesn’t already exist. I’m getting a syntax error here, and no existing posts