if else Conditions

The problem is like this My solution: Now, if I enter 18 then it should be printed “Weird”. But it is showing “Not Weird”. I am not getting where the problem of my code is. Answer The operator & is the bitwise and operation. You need logical AND, instead, and it is done by means of and keyword. Just replace & with and:

How to calculate with conditions in pandas?

I have a dataframe like this, I want to calculate and add a new column which follows the formula: Value = A(where Time=1) + A(where Time=3), I don’t want to use A (where Time=5). I know how to do by selecting the cell needed for the formula, but is there any other better ways to perform the calculation? I suspect I need to add a condition but not sure how, any suggestion? Answer Use Series.eq with DataFrame.groupby and Series.cumsum to create groups and add. or if you want to identify it based on the non-equivalence with 5: Output MISSING VALUES

Pandas: add column with progressive count of elements meeting a condition

Given the following dataframe df: df = pd.DataFrame({‘A’:[‘Tony’, ‘Mike’, ‘Jen’, ‘Anna’], ‘B’: [‘no’, ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘yes’]}) A B 0 Tony no 1 Mike yes 2 Jen no 3 Anna yes I want to …

Why is the use of len(SEQUENCE) in condition values considered incorrect by Pylint?

Considering this code snippet: from os import walk files = [] for (dirpath, _, filenames) in walk(mydir): # More code that modifies files if len(files) == 0: # <-- C1801 return None I was ...