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Tag: conditional-statements

How to only count valid inputs

I have a function that is supposed to take input, calculate the average and total as well as record count. The bug in the code is that: Even though I have added a try and except to catch errors, these errors are also being added to the count. How do I only count the integer inputs without making the “Invalid

Printing two values of one variable under different conditions

Please consider the statements below: sum_value = fixed_value – current_value, where fixed_value is a constant, and current_value is a function of thresholds; thresholds has two threshold_level values: thresholds = [10, 20]; I need to find a rato of sim_value corresponding to threshold_level = 10 to sim_value corresponding to threshold_level = 20, that is final_sim_value = sim_value_at_10/sim_value_at_20. The code part is

For loops and conditionals in Python

I am new to Python and I was wondering if there was a way I could shorten/optimise the below loops: I tried this oneliner, but it doesn’t seem to work: Answer You can use itertools.product to handle the nested loops for you, and I think (although I’m not sure because I can’t see your data) you can skip all the