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Tag: for-loop

Python xlsxwriter loop through each worksheet in a workbook

I want to iterate through each worksheet that I have created in a workbook with add_worksheet function. I want to do this with all the available sheets in the workbook and write ‘Hello’ in cell ‘A1’ of each sheet. Here is the code I am trying: I was expecting it to write ‘Hello’ in cell ‘A1’ for each available sheet

Python for-loop jumps over the second element of a list

The for loop is supposed to go through a list and add the elements to another list until it encounters an empty string. However, it keeps jumping over the second element. The for-loop is supposed to go through a list(“baa”), adding every element to a different list(“foo”), until it encounters an empty string. At that point it is supposed to

How do I fill a dictionary with indices in a for loop?

I have a transposed Dataframe tr: 7128 8719 14051 14636 JDUTC_0 2451957.36 2452149.36 2457243.98 2452531.89 JDUTC_1 2451957.37 2452149.36 2457243.99 2452531.90 JDUTC_2 2451957.37 2452149.36 2457244.00 2452531.91 JDUTC_3 NaN 2452149.36 NaN NaN JDUTC_4 NaN 2452149.36 NaN NaN JDUTC_5 NaN 2452149.36 NaN NaN JDUTC_6 1.23 2452149.37 NaN NaN JDUTC_7 NaN NaN NaN NaN JDUTC_8 NaN NaN NaN NaN JDUTC_9 NaN NaN NaN NaN

how to store arrays inside tuple in Python?

I have a simple question in python. How can I store arrays inside a tuple in Python. For example: I want the output of my code to be like this: So I want (0, 1) to be repeated for a specific number of times inside a tuple! I have tried to use the following code to loop over a tuple:

Adding string after each vowel

I am currently on a project to develop a small, fun program that takes a name as an input and returns the name with the string “bi” after each vowel in the name. I am encountering the problem that my program runs in an infinite loop when I have a name that has same the same vowel twice, for example:

For loop monthly budget program creating error

I am running this for loop code and it is creating an error, I cannot find out the problem with it Any ideas on why I am getting this error? I have tried to figure it out on my own but I dont know why it is wrong Answer Your problem is that the for-loop variable month is an integer,