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Tag: nested-loops

Searching for matching attributes

My special objects have one list of attribute-values (that is a varying list of abbreviated strings of short but differing length meaning some capabilities of any object) → [‘A’, ‘B’, ‘AC’, ‘BC’, …] running the program I’m searching for at least one existing match out of a varying search-list → [‘BC’, ‘BP’, ‘X’, …] At the moment I solved that

Can anyone explain these python nested loop please

I have doubt in these python nested for loop, that how the inner loop is executing can anyone resolve my problem here Answer Basically, your for loops are counting numbers from 1 to the upper limit minus 1. Your code will run as follows: Starting with i=1, it will print out a 1 and then j will go from 1

how to do nested loop using apply in pandas

I have a data frame like this: I want o apply a function on pos and save the result in a new column. So the output would look like this: So the function return a list for each tuple in the list (but the implementation of the function is not the point here, for that I just call get_sentiment). I

How do I include part of my code into ‘yield’?

Thank you for your time! Each products, sometimes have more than one model. I got the model ‘name’ and ‘price’ of the respective models within a single product via a for loop. But, how do I ‘transfer’ these details to the ‘yield’ section along with other variables of that same product? Below is my attempt, but i am not getting

Creating directories with OS module

Hi there I’m trying to create a small tool that will create child directory’s within the Root directory Root Dir(python) And child Dir(DS, WEB, Flask, Learn) stuff like that At starting I have done it statically Here is the Code Then I decided to do it dynamically By using two lists just like before but thing’s don’t go well Here