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Tag: nested-lists

Grouped pandas dataframe from nested list

I have a nested list in this format mydata=[[01/01/20,[‘point1′,’point2’,’point3,…]],[02/01/20,[‘point1′,’point2′,’point3’]],…] I want to create a pandas dataframe grouped by date with every point as a different row. I have tried manually adding each row through a for loop, but other than taking more than an hour, the dataframe ended up being empty. Not sure how to go about this. Can I

Remove duplicate value on nested list python

I have a problem here when I want to remove duplicate in a list that has a nested list, how can I remove the duplicate value from list? What I got here from my script, it can remove a duplicate, but the nested list has a different result from what I expect. This is my script: Result: Expected Result: Answer

How to concatenate a list of sublists equally chunked

I have a list that contains sublists of two different types of items (for instance, cats and dogs). I also have a function chunk(list, n_sublists) that splits the list into n_sublists of equal size. Then, i’d like to create a final list that merges the chunked lists from each type. An example: I hope the example makes it clear. However,

Checking If Position Exists in Nested List

I’m trying to solve a Python coding problem. Given a certain array containing only 1’s and 0’s I must write a program that returns an array following a few rules: Each 1 must be replaced with a 9 Each 0 must be replaced with the amount of 1’s in its immediate surroundings (above, below, left, right) I’m having trouble with