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Tag: tkinter

How do i resize this labelframe in tkinter?

So I tried to make this labelframe wider by using the basic width and width option. Here’s my given minimal code. minimalized preview: used in application: i want to get this labelframe little bit bigger and make the inside centered, But i had no knowledge to do so, Any help will apreciated! Answer It seems like you just want to

How to get custom slider in tkinter?

I want to get a custom slider in tkinter or another slider like this one slider The default tkinter slider isn’t very good so how it can be changed ? (even the simplest way to do it) I will appreciate if the thing is not done with a class because I did’nt put a single one in 300 lines of

how to get value from def function before

i got a problem to run the python, for example code in below, because the code not sure to see because i am beginner for this,and its too long too, i give the same problem on my code the problem is if i press the button for y1 not define so i writte the code but in my visual studio