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Tag: tkinter

Is there a way to toggle/hide/show tkinter buttons

I am making blackjack in tkinter and instead of placing buttons over the existing buttons i want to toggle them when, say a new game. Answer There are many ways of doing this. One option (I think he simplest one) is to get your buttons in a frame that you can pack and unpack using pack and packing_forget. In this

How to make a scrollable listbox? tkinter python

I want to create a listbox with an auto hiding scrollbar. I’ve been searching and found a class example; when I play around with it, the scrollbar doesn’t stayed attached to the right side as expected. This is the code: This is the first view when I run the code: When I expand the window the scrollbar disappears properly: But

Func for temporary text in many tkinter Entry widget?

I want to put a temporary text in more than 1 entry with tkinter, but my func is not working. I have this situation: Its working, but… I wan’t to use the same func for other entrys, like this one: Any ideas on how to make it universal? Answer Here’s a PlaceholderEntry widget that should to what you want You