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Tag: random

Random list item, but unable to choose the same item twice

Is it possible to run a loop, that chooses a random list item, but is unable to choose the same one twice in a row. I’ve tried running it in a thread and with Clock.schedule_interval Im not sure how to keep the loop and GUI running simultaneously. When the interval goes off, it “resets” the loop. therefore being able to

Python: Generate random letter then Keystroke said letter

(I am using Python under Mac OS) Hey Guys, i am looking for a way to random generate a letter (a-z) and then keystroke it. The way I usually do keystrokes is: cmd = “”” osascript -e ‘tell application ‘System Events’ to keystroke “insert_letter_here”‘ “”” os.system(cmd) This won’t accept random.letter since it would keystroke the exact spelling of random.letter. Does

Seedable CSPRNG for python?

With the random module, you are able to seed it to get the same values every time. import random random.seed(1) print(random.randint(1,100)) # outputs 18 every time lst = [1,2,3] random.shuffle(lst) …