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Tag: random

Coin flip based on randint returns false mostly?

I am writing a game in python using Pygame. In the game, I am setting a variable to a random value of either True or False using this statement: After running this 2 to 3 times, it kept returning False. At first, I thought that this was probably a coincidence, but after running this like 10 times, it returned True

random number generating function as argument in python

I want to pass a function which generates random normal numbers to another function, do some calculations and pass again the random function x times. At the end there should be a Dataframe with x colums with diffrent randomly generated outcomes. My code looks like this: But this gives me always identical columns. Answer I don’t think you can pass

pandas: apply random.shuffle() to list column

I have a dataframe as follows, I would like to shuffle the words in each row using random.shuffle(),(e.g the new first row will be ‘nice is weather the’ ),so I have done the following, and tried to map or apply shuffle() function but it returns None. or I am not sure what I am doing wrong here. and then finally