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how to define selection condition in regex in python

I am having a string in which some binary numbers are mentioned. I want to count number of occurrence of given pattern, but I want set my pattern above 7 digits of character, so the result should show only more than 7 characters. it means how I can set my pattern selection, so it should count only 7 digits and

Pandas: calculate first purchase amount

I need to calculate the first purchase amount for every client. This is my code: ticket.groupby([‘user_reference_id’,’total_amount’]).reference_date.min().reset_index()“ And i have this result: user_reference_id total_amount reference_date* enter image description here I need it grouped by user_reference_id with the minimum reference_date (first date when a customer made the purchase) and corresponding total_amount. In this case i need the next output: reference_date 2019-06-14, user_reference_id

Python – non-blocking sockets using selectors

My Problem in short: I dont know how the selector knows which socket should read or write first. It is a Server that can handle multi connections and its flow should be: Server creates listening socket Client creates 2 sockets and connects them to the server Client 2 sockets send the messages Server 2 sockets echo those messages, client and

TypeError argument must be an int or have a fileno() method

Seen here But just can’t quite find my answer. I am trying out a chat script Server side runs perfectly fine. But client Has run from cmd, not IDLE because of issues (read something about it relating to my issue) Traceback Answer select doesn’t work with non-socket objects on Windows. For more information see the documentation about, where