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Google Kickstart 2014 Round D Sort a scrambled itinerary – Do I need to bring the input in a ready-to-use array format?

Problem: Once upon a day, Mary bought a one-way ticket from somewhere to somewhere with some flight transfers. For example: SFO->DFW DFW->JFK JFK->MIA MIA->ORD. Obviously, transfer flights at a city twice or more doesn’t make any sense. So Mary will not do that. Unfortunately, after she received the tickets, she messed up the tickets and she forgot the order of

How can I open a folder with argparse

I want to open a folder containing x zipfiles. I have this code: But I get error code: PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘Test’ I would like the zipfiles in the folder to be listed in an array when I run the code. Answer I’m not sure why you’re getting a permission error, but using open on a directory won’t

Variable Length Arguments (*args) in Python3

I am fairly new to Python3. I have a question with Variable Length Arguments(*args). Based on my understanding the reason why we use the Variable Length Arguments list(or tuple) is that they are useful when you need a function that may have different numbers of arguments. A function like this gives the same output as output I don’t see the

random number generating function as argument in python

I want to pass a function which generates random normal numbers to another function, do some calculations and pass again the random function x times. At the end there should be a Dataframe with x colums with diffrent randomly generated outcomes. My code looks like this: But this gives me always identical columns. Answer I don’t think you can pass

Output is an empty file

My code does not throw an error, it simply creates the files, but of which are empty. I tried it from the command line, and it works using the wildcard training_set_pssm/*.pssm path, but I must do it from the IDE because it is not printing the correct output anyway. The input file is a set of checkpoint files that look

Python Function parameters and arguments

I want to understand functions and arguments better, I’ve read and this is my implementation of what I have read. I have 3 small functions to illustrate my point. User input collection, grading function and main. If I run the main function without its argument (1), it results in an error looking for the argument. I know that I declared

Hardcode RF Codes in rpi-rf_send script + python raspberry pi

I’d like to hardcode the RF Code in the send script so I can repeatedly activate the same device automatically. I’ve reviewed all of the documentation and I cannot find any clear method to do that. Docs: It works well when passing the arguments directly from the terminal in this format: But what I need to do