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Tag: raspberry-pi

Why is mechanize not installing properly via pip on RPi? (python 3.9)

I can’t get to successfully install the package ‘mechanize’ on a Raspberry Pi (so, ARM chip) with Debian Bullseye, python 3.9 in a virtualenv. When I look in the virtualenv’s sitepackages folder, indeed the mechanize package only has .dist-info file, but not a file or mechanize package folder. See below. Question: Am I overlooking something? Details (1): Installing mechanize

How to send and receive data the same time Python UDP socket

I just learned about #python recently, I have done a small project about rasberry pi. I want to transmit and receive data between Server is Laptop, client is Ras via UDP protocol, I use Python’s socket library. Transmit sensor data from ras to laptop, and transmit control commands from laptop to ras. Data from ras must always be transmitted, so

What is the terminal script to run CoAP server

Im trying to run this CoAP server from on a raspberry pi. i cant seem to find much instructions. This was one of the CoAP that my instructor wanted us to use, my instructor pretty much left us hanging with no help at all but this link. i followed the install instructions on the github page, the only thing