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Tag: oop

Infinite looping Issue Python. Can’t quit game

I made a code for Blackjack in Python and whenever I run blackjack_game(deck) saying no to the ‘Play Again’ input should quit the game but it doesn’t. Funds going zero and below should also trigger the game to quit but it doesn’t. This is what it looks like: I added a quit() that should trigger should ‘while play_again == ‘Y’:’

Sort one inside another

I have a class Person that contains names and hobbies. Then there’s a list that contains people. person1 = Person(“MarySmith”, [“dancing”, “biking”, “cooking”]) person2 = … people = [person1, person2,..] I need to return a list of people sorted alphabetically by their name, and also sort their list of hobbies alphabetically. This is what I have so far: This is

Inventory discrete event simulation with simpy object oriented

I m trying to formulate an inventory simulation with Simpy (a Python library for discrete event simulation) using an Object Oriented approach. The simulation follow these steps: Initialization : A warehouse with unlimoted capacity and initial inventory on hand. Serve Customers : Customers arrive each inter arrival time and ask for a quantity of items demand. If we have enough

Google Kickstart 2014 Round D Sort a scrambled itinerary – Do I need to bring the input in a ready-to-use array format?

Problem: Once upon a day, Mary bought a one-way ticket from somewhere to somewhere with some flight transfers. For example: SFO->DFW DFW->JFK JFK->MIA MIA->ORD. Obviously, transfer flights at a city twice or more doesn’t make any sense. So Mary will not do that. Unfortunately, after she received the tickets, she messed up the tickets and she forgot the order of

Custom Transformer Class Inheritance [closed]

Closed. This question needs debugging details. It is not currently accepting answers. Edit the question to include desired behavior, a specific problem or error, and the shortest code necessary to reproduce the problem. This will help others answer the question. Closed 6 months ago. Improve this question I’m attempting to put together a Custom Transformer for sklearn which returns either

Python OOP using sklearn API

I want to learn more advanced OOP methods and create a class using sklearn APIs, my idea is to integrate feature selection methods. I want to be able to call a feature selection method by name, and next fit and transform data. I am not sure, what I am doing wrong but currently, I have the following error that I

How to pass variable to base class

Consider the following Python code (Python 3): I have a class Signal comprising all the functions signals of all different kinds should be able to perform. For each kind of signal, I create a new class, where the data is “sampled”, meaning an array with signal data is specified. If I now want to plot the signal, the plot method