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Tag: tuples

Tuple comparison in function

I am wondering why my comparison returns False and not True although ‘a’ == ‘a’. Output: False Answer It’s because you are using *values rather than values in your function definition When you use the special syntax *args in a function, args will already come back as a tuple, where each arg is an element of the tuple. So for

Find tuple in list of tuples in python

I have a list of tuple (simulationtime,efficiency) and I want to find the tuple in which the maximum efficiency is stated with respect to the minimum simulation time. Any hints on how that could be done? A small part of the otherwise very large list: [(109.00537427472713, 0.8), (109.00588429136333, 0.85), (109.00649436705454, 0.86), (110.00055419961151, 0.86), (110.00122432147343, 0.86), (110.00172424060818, 0.86), (110.00236418239592, 0.86), (110.00292411815163,