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Tag: tuples

how to store arrays inside tuple in Python?

I have a simple question in python. How can I store arrays inside a tuple in Python. For example: I want the output of my code to be like this: So I want (0, 1) to be repeated for a specific number of times inside a tuple! I have tried to use the following code to loop over a tuple:

Binary search through string tuple in list

I’m trying to do a binary search through a list of tuples, when I give a inputq = “BB”, it is not show a correct search. This is my data: This my code: when I give inputq = “BB” the output it always show like this: (‘BF’, ‘Burkina Faso’, 13.0, -2.0) I would like to show my output like this

Remove item from list of tuple with two elements across rows

I have a set of >1000 rows of POS-tagged sentences. I want to remove words that are tagged with “RB”, “IN”, “PRP”, “CC”, “PR”, “DT”, “CC”. Here is my data, the “pos_tag” column shows how my data is now. The “pos_tag_clean” is what I would like to see after removing the words. pos_tag pos_tag_clean [(semoga, SC), (saja, RB), (di, IN),

Output variable names when summing a tuple

A list of variables with assigned values. I want to return all the possible combinations from each pair (every two of them). The print-out is the names of the pair, and sum of them. For example: I’ve tried below. The result comes out, but not the names of pairs: What’s the right way to do it? Answer If you use

Coin flip based on randint returns false mostly?

I am writing a game in python using Pygame. In the game, I am setting a variable to a random value of either True or False using this statement: After running this 2 to 3 times, it kept returning False. At first, I thought that this was probably a coincidence, but after running this like 10 times, it returned True