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python: label position lineplot() with secondary y-axes

I have a produce a plot with secondary y-axes and the labels are on top of each other: The code is the following: is there a way to manually change the position of label C so it does not get on top of A? Answer One way to do this is to remove the individual legends (ax and ax2) and

Changing the border width of a plot

I have a script to create an easy plot, but I would like to change the border width because it is a little bit transparent. How can I do this? With images is clearer the my problem Answer I changed the size of your plot because it was way too huge for me to work with, just FYI. What you

Position label of colorbar

I have this function: Which gives me this sort of image: How can I position the “Distance from diagonal” to the left of the colorbar? (Also, is there a cleaner way to plot the diagonal over a scatter plot like this?) Answer one way to do it is to use the text as the label for the secondary y-axis. That

How to change the frequency of x ticks for time data?

How can I change the frequency of my x ticks to every hour using matplotlib.pyplot? I looked at similar posts, but could not figure out how to apply their solutions to my data since I only have times, not full dates. Here’s an example of my data: Answer See:

Getting error “unhashable type: ‘numpy.ndarray’ ” while trying to plot vectors from two different .nc files

I have read two files using open_mfdataset. What I’m trying to do is create a vector plot for the wind stress data for which the i and j components are stored in two different files. This is the data description But while trying to do the vector plotting using quiver I’m getting this unhashable typeerror. Answer You’re using matplotlib.pyplot.quiver, which

seaborn relplot x values adjustment

I have two parameters from panda’s dataframe, bmi and heart_disease. I want to show them with relplot, it shows information that other plots lose. I used this simple code: The heart_disease parameter only has two values: 1 or 0. However, the plot gave me a whole range of numbers from 0 to 1. How do I make it only 0