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Tag: igraph

Updating columns of list based on match

Purpose The main purpose is to be able to compute the share of resources used by node i in relation to its neighbors: r_i / sum_j^i{r_j} where r_i are node i resources and sum_j^i{r_j} is the sum of i’s neighbors’ resources. I am open to any R, python or eventually stata solutions, that are able to achieve this task on

igraph: get dict with nodes and corresponding attribute

I have a large igraph network and want to get some attributes of the vertices in the network. I have created a directed graph and want to run some algorithms: When I print the list it just gives me list of the authority scores of the vertices. However I would like to know which node exactly has each value. Is

Interface between networkx and igraph

I’ve been working with networkx for quite some time now and it’s been serving my purposes quite well with minimal tweaks until recently when I started looking into community detection. In comparison, the igraph Python package seems to have a much wider implementations of community detection methods (even compared to networkx with Thomas Aynaud’s community package added on). I’m just

Problems Installing Python igraph

I installed the igraph python library using pip I go on the Python console/terminal and import the module No problem. Then I test to see the version number No problem there either. But when I try to create a script. And execute or All i get is Answer Try this, as your script: Global imports are generally not encouraged.