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How to deactivate a QVideoProbe?

According to the docs “If source is zero, this probe will be deactivated” But calling setSource(0) gives the following exception: Im running my code on raspberry pi 4 with Rpi Os Bullseye 64bit and PySide2 version 5.15.2. Example code: Answer The source object can be cleared like this: In C++, passing zero to a pointer argument means the function will

pytube (python) video stops playing video after few seconds

I have been using pytube to create my youtube video downloader and after the video is done downloading and compiling and i play it, it plays for only a few seconds then just displays a still image while the audio continues in background These are the functions in file “” And this is the “” file: Answer I tried your

Playing sequence of ply files in open3d

I’m currently trying to play a sequence of ply models through open3d, but I’m having some issues with updating the geometry. Currently only the first image is shown, and the vis isn’t being updated. I’ve been trying to find some info on this, but most guides or other sections show that this should work? I’m not entirely sure what I’m

How to decode a video (memory file / byte string) and step through it frame by frame in python?

I am using python to do some basic image processing, and want to extend it to process a video frame by frame. I get the video as a blob from a server – .webm encoded – and have it in python as a byte string (b’x1aExdfxa3xa3Bx86x81x01Bxf7x81x01Bxf2x81x04Bxf3x81x08Bx82x88matroskaBx87x81x04Bx85x81x02x18Sx80gx01xffxffxffxffxffxffxffx15Ixa9fx99*xd7xb1x83x0fB@Mx80x86ChromeWAx86Chromex16Txaekxadxaexabxd7x81x01sxc5x87x04xe8xfcx16t^x8cx83x81x01x86x8fV_MPEG4/ISO/AVCxe0x88xb0x82x02x80xbax82x01xe0x1fCxb6ux01xffxffxffxffxffxff …). I know that there is cv.VideoCapture, which can do almost what I need.

Using ffmpeg to obtain video durations in python

I’ve installed ffprobe using the pip ffprobe command on my PC, and installed ffmpeg from here. However, I’m still having trouble running the code listed here. I try to use the following code unsuccessfully. Does anyone know what’s wrong? Am I not referencing the directories correctly? Do I need to make sure the .py and video files are in a