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Tag: pyqt5

How to deactivate a QVideoProbe?

According to the docs “If source is zero, this probe will be deactivated” But calling setSource(0) gives the following exception: Im running my code on raspberry pi 4 with Rpi Os Bullseye 64bit and PySide2 version 5.15.2. Example code: Answer The source object can be cleared like this: In C++, passing zero to a pointer argument means the function will

How to assign variables to worker Thread in Python PyQt5?

I have designed a GUI program using pyqt5. I have a main thread and a worker thread. When the GUI starts, i get some inputs from user such as age, name, … and i want to process the inputs in worker. For example How can i send the inputs which i get using self.ui.firstname.text() to the worker? in other words,

Trio + PyQT5 in one program?

How can I use trio in conjunction with PyQT5? The thing is that my program has interface written using PyQT5, and now I need to run eventloop trio, to work with the network, because I use trio WebSocket to connect to the server. I read that I should use trio.lowlevel.start_guest_run for this purpose. But in the documentation it says that

How to merge two images in openCv(python)? [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 6 months ago. Improve this question I extracted Red channel at this image and I created a rectangle for this image I want to blending as merge this two images and

PyQt5/Pyqtgraph Get Numpy Array for What is Currently on the Scene

I have a pg.GraphicsLayoutWidget with some images and some ROIs displayed . I would like to get obtain a numpy array for what is currently on the scene, just like the export command in the context menu of the viewbox . Let an arbitrary RGB image (i.e. a numpy array) image be given. For example , I am using

how to do a pagination bar in PyQT?

I need to paginate data from SQL tables. I cant find any information about pagination in PyQT or Pyside. Can you help me pls? Answer One way to handle pagination is to use the QStackedWidget for emulating the pages themselves, and regular QLabels as the page links. Then you can override each labels mousePressEvent to emit a signal to the