Pandas merge 3 dataframes with same columns

I have 3 dataframes where I have one string column which I want to merge on and 2 similar columns which I want to add up df1: df2: df3: I want: df4: Answer try this, first pandas.concat then groupby

merge & write two jsonl (json lines) files into a new jsonl file in python3.6

Hello I have two jsonl files like so: one.jsonl second.jsonl And my goal is to write a new jsonl file (with encoding preserved) name merged_file.jsonl which will look like this: My approach is like this: However I am met with this error: TypeError: Object of type generator is not JSON serializable I will apprecite your hint/help in any ways. Thank you! I have looked other SO repos, they are all writing normal json files, which should work in my case too, but its keep failing. Reading single file like this works: Answer It is possible that extract_json returns a generator