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Django join tables with ForeignKey

I’m trying to join 3 tables with ForeignKey but it returns Null values. I’m using select related and also I tried Insight.objects.all() but both are not working. Here are my models: My View: Answer I solved my problem by the below, I could update the DB with the result of the below query

How to filter after two joins in flask SQL alchemy

I have the following 3 tables: Each sample has a chain of processes it goes through and I need to get a table which includes both and the latest date it has encountered a process, so that I can filter by this date. Something like this What I tried so far was looking at this and similar solutions:

Hacker rank string seperated challenge

I need help with this challenge, I keep getting an error with this hacker rank challenge comes out right with jupyter notebook but not in hacker rank console. Task Given a string, of length that is indexed from to, print its even-indexed and odd-indexed characters as space-separated strings on a single line (see the Sample below for more detail). Note:

pandas join tables on two columns without ordering of values

I would like to achieve what it’s described here: stackoverflow question, but only using standard pandas. I have two dataframes: Fist Second: I want to join the two dataframes such that my final dataframe is identical to the first one, but it has also the book_count column with the corresponding values (and NaN if not available). I already wrote something