Flask-Admin inline-editable list dropdown menu squished (can’t see menu items)

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s what I’m trying to fix in Flask-Admin: I’m trying to edit a field from the list view by including the field in the column_editable_list of the model view. …

Flask SQLAlchemy reflection ignoring most of tables on Redshift

I’m creating the engine and the Metadata as follows Yields AttributeError: packages, and dir(Base.classes) returns no attributes with that name, neither with the orders name. Taking the only=[‘orders’, ‘packages’] off makes it reflect only a few random tables. Now, when using the inspector that comes with native SQLAlchemy the table actually works (link to documentation): Is this a bug, or am I overlooking something here? Thanks! Installed package versions: Answer SQLAlchemy’s automap extension only reflects tables which have defined primary keys. From the note in the docs: […] for a table to be mapped, it must specify a primary key.

Flask app getting error of “could not locate flask application. …FLASK_APP environment variable” for Flask Migrate

I have a file db_table.py that looks like: When I try to run: I get: I tried first manually setting FLASK_APP var, by doing set FLASK_APP=app.py then running flask db init again, but that didn’t resolve the issue. Answer The flask command line argument needs to know what module to locate the current Flask app instance in. Set FLASK_APP as an environment variable: before running your flask command-line app. See the Command Line Interface documentation: For the flask script to work, an application needs to be discovered. This is achieved by exporting the FLASK_APP environment variable. It can be either

Flask-Babel do not translate anything in a web project

Description of my usage: This is my project structure(basically base on Flask Web Development): ├── README.md ├── app │   ├── __init__.py │   ├── admin │   │   ├── __init__.py │   │   ├── user_admin….