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Tag: excel

Name ‘ ‘ is not defined – python

from bunch of files I want to extract some info (code is below), but I came across error: “name ‘GH_Pos21X_true’ is not defined”, full error: Where should I defined it? Code: I can’t see a problem, maybe someone could help me find my mistake? I will be grateful. If I don’t set this variable as global I have this error:

Converting Excel to PDF with pywin32 [Error]

I try to export one of my xlsx files as PDF with pywin32: Unfortunately I get this com_error: In the end I want to do use this conversion on 30 xlsx files at once. I know how to write the loop for this but can not fix the above mentioned error. Answer When using Python paths on Windows, you need

Vlookup using python when data given in range

I have two excel files, I want to perform vlookup and find difference of costs using python or even excel. My files look like this source_data.xlsx contains contains distance covered and their price, example distance range from 1 to 100 should be charged 4800 and distance range from 101 to 120 should be charged 5100. Analysis.xlsx Actual Cost for distance