openpyxl delete all values except the column row excel

I have an excel: So, long is in cell(A1), 5.11 is in cell(B2); I want to clear all the values in suggested_long and suggested_short but need to keep the column name rows as I need to insert data after cleaning all the values. Then the result should be: I know openpyxl can do like: to delete the value in the cell, but I have uncertain number of cell values in suggested_long and suggested_short. I assume others may have the same problem, so I post it here, many thanks Answer Try this:

Append all excel files in directory to an array ONLY if it contains a specific sheet

Currently I’m reading all excel files and appending the “data” sheet to an array from a given directory. The issue is that some of the excel files in the directory shouldn’t actually be there and don’t contain a “data” sheet. The program then breaks whenever it encounters such a case. My workaround is printing the name of the file before it’s added and then manually deleting the file and rerunning the script. I tried creating a Sheet_check function as shown further below, although this significantly slowed down the run time and also didn’t work as intended. Q: If there is

not able to read currency symbol from the cell using pandas python

I am using pandas.read_excel(file) to read the file, but instead of getting number with currency symbol its giving numbers only not with currency symbol. help will be appreciated. thanks]1 Answer When the Excel file is read by Pandas it reads the underlying value of the cell which fundamentally is either a string or a number. Things like currency symbols are just applied as formatting by Excel – they affect what you see on screen but don’t actually ‘exist’ in the cell value. For example the number 1.1256 might appear as 1.1 if you select on decimal place, or £1.13 if

Pandas: Remove Column Based on Threshold Criteria

I have to solve this problem: Objective: Drops columns most of whose rows missing Inputs: 1. Dataframe df: Pandas dataframe 2. threshold: Determines which columns will be dropped. If threshold is .9, the columns with 90% missing value will be dropped Outputs: 1. Dataframe df with dropped columns (if no columns are dropped, you will return the same dataframe) Excel Doc Screenshot I’ve coded this: I have to have “self, dr, and threshold” and cannot add more. The code must pass the test cases below: When I run VT.drop_nan_col(df, 0.9).head(), I cannot change this line of code, I get :

Is there a function that can strip the apostrophe from the data which has been taken from Excel?

I’m extracting data from Excel as a multidimensional array. When I try to loop through the array in order to obtain each value, few values in the obtained list contain apostrophes and few other values don’t. Is there any way to rectify this? I tried using strip function, however it was not fruitful. Please help. I expect the output to be (2.56942078E+00, -8.59741137E-05, 4.19484589e-08, -1.00177799e-11, 1.22833691e-15, 29217.5791, 4.78433864) But I end up with (‘2.56942078E+00’, ‘-8.59741137E-05’, 4.19484589e-08, -1.00177799e-11, 1.22833691e-15, 29217.5791, 4.78433864) Answer The apostrophes show that the item is a string instead of a float. The ‘ is just a representation

How to insert a picture into Excel at a specified cell position with python (Anaconda) use vba

I try to use this link with vba code but in Python it doesn’t work. AttributeError Traceback (most recent call last) in () 9 sheet.Cells(20, 20).Select 10 #obj1=sheet.Shapes.AddPicture (r’C:/Users/Home/Desktop/picture.jpg’, False, True, 10, 3, 100, 100) —> 11 obj1=wb.ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert(r’C:/Users/Home/Desktop/picture.jpg’) 12 obj1.ShapeRange 13 obj1.ShapeRange.LockAspectRatio = msoTrue AttributeError: ‘function’ object has no attribute ‘Insert’ Answer Unless you absolutely need to use VBA, this sort of thing can be done thru just Python using xlsxwriter:

how to count number of filled cells in each column of excel using python

I have a sheet in Excel which is not structured data as you can see here . I tried using xlrd package but this is giving me the maximum row count for a column. But I need filled cell count for each column. Could anyone suggest solution. Answer You can try to iterate through every row and check whether the cell is empty or not. You can use this: