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Converting Excel to PDF with pywin32 [Error]

I try to export one of my xlsx files as PDF with pywin32: Unfortunately I get this com_error: In the end I want to do use this conversion on 30 xlsx files at once. I know how to write the loop for this but can not fix the above mentioned error. Answer When using Python paths on Windows, you need

Save doc file as pdf file using python

I want to save a doc file as pdf using python, I tried so many solution but I couldn’t find the right one. This is my code, I tried to make the output file as a pdf file but it didn’t open. Any help is highly appreciated : Answer There is a Python package called docx2pdf. You can use it

How to convert Web PDF to Text

I want to convert web PDF’s such as – & many more into a Text without saving them into my PC ,Cause 1000’s of such announcemennts come up daily , Hence wanted to convert them to text without saving them on my PC. Any Python Code Solutions to this? Thanks Answer There is different methods to do this. But

Download PDF from PeerJ

I am trying to use Python requests to download a PDF from PeerJ. For example, My code is simply: However, the Response object returned displays as <Response [432]>, which indicates an HTTP 432 error. As far as I know, that error code is not assigned. When I examine r.text or r.content, there is some HTML which says that it’s