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Tag: win32com

Converting Excel to PDF with pywin32 [Error]

I try to export one of my xlsx files as PDF with pywin32: Unfortunately I get this com_error: In the end I want to do use this conversion on 30 xlsx files at once. I know how to write the loop for this but can not fix the above mentioned error. Answer When using Python paths on Windows, you need

How can I use SetJob in win32print?

I want to clear or delete print jobs using Python. But how can I get JobID? win32print.SetJob(hPrinter, JobID , Level , JobInfo , Command) How could I run this code? Answer Starting from your code, I’ve managed to create a small script that deletes any print job on any (local) printer (I’ve tested it and it works). Here it is

How to insert a picture into Excel at a specified cell position with python (Anaconda) use vba

I try to use this link with vba code but in Python it doesn’t work. AttributeError Traceback (most recent call last) in () 9 sheet.Cells(20, 20).Select 10 #obj1=sheet.Shapes.AddPicture (r’C:/Users/Home/Desktop/picture.jpg’, False, True, 10, 3, 100, 100) —> 11 obj1=wb.ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert(r’C:/Users/Home/Desktop/picture.jpg’) 12 obj1.ShapeRange 13 obj1.ShapeRange.LockAspectRatio = msoTrue AttributeError: ‘function’ object has no attribute ‘Insert’ AdvertisementAnswer Unless you absolutely […]

Python win32com constants

I’m currently wondering how to list the constants in win32com in python, for example using excel win32com.client.Dispatch(‘Excel.Application’) Is there a way to display all constants using win32com….