Python win32com constants

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I’m currently wondering how to list the constants in win32com in python,

for example using excel win32com.client.Dispatch('Excel.Application')

Is there a way to display all constants using win32com.client.Constants ?

Or does someone know where i could find win32com’s documentation ? Because all the links I found are dead …


To find out what Com applications you can use… See

Basically you can’t know for sure. Sorry.
Each computer will have a different list based on the software installed, the webpage I linked suggests using pyWins ComBrowser, however I haven’t ever found it that useful.

My normal approach is
‘I want to interface with application X in Python… lets google “python com X” and see what comes up’
‘I want to interface with application X in Python.. lets look through the documentation of AppX for references to COM’

Afterall you’ll want to have some form of documentation to that programmes COM interface in order to be able to do anything meaningful with the program (other than opening it).

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