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Tag: openpyxl

Text to Columns in Excel using Python using openpyxl

I am trying to do the “text-to-columns” feature from Excel through Python using openpyxl. The file I have is currently saved as a .xlsx. I cannot use the split() feature because my data is numbers not words. I have tried pandas but it does not work. I ran into the problem of having to download xldr but I cannot because

save data to new worksheet, in existing workbook using python

created a new dataframe named df3 and saved to excel workbook named masterdata.xlsx, later created another dataframe named table when I try to write that dataframe to sheet2 of masterdata.xlsx, it overrighted the first created dataframe. masterdata.xlsx have two sheets, sheet1 and sheet2. sheet1 have some data. how to save newly created dataframe table to sheet2 without losing sheet1 using

Docker compose missing python package

To preface I’m fairly new to Docker, Airflow & Stackoverflow. I’ve got an instance of Airflow running in Docker on an Ubuntu (20.04.3) VM. I’m trying to get Openpyxl installed on build in order to use it as the engine for pd.read_excel. Here’s the Dockerfile with the install command: The requirements.txt file looks like this: And the docker-compose.yaml file looks

How can turn to only 2?

i have problem with openpyxl. My code is working but i can not figure out for saving value to excel my code is and it prints out what i want to do is i want to save title to B column in excel but i don’t know how to do that Answer this one fix my problem