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Tag: openpyxl

How to get data from excel file ‘as is’ using openpyxl?

I have an excel file – the data in which looks like. I want to get float values ​​of cells – in which separator is comma. But when accessing them, a value with a dot is returned. Is it possible to do this with opepyxl or other libraries? what i tried I also tried pandas, but it also formats cells

Extracting all data validation formula values(dropdown) from excel sheet

How can we extract the data validation dropdown values(not just formulas/references or a single valued formula result) from a given excel sheet using python? Currently openpyxl helps us to get the formulas but not the values directly. It even fails in cases where file contain extensions(extLst) to the OOXML specifications that are not supported.These datavalidation formulas can contain functions like

Tuple TypeError when assigning Value to Cell in openpyxl

I’m a first time user of openpyxl and am struggling with basic Cell editing. In the following code I’m trying to change the Cell Value “B3” in my Excel File to a String Value (eg. “Germany”). What I don’t seem to understand is why the openpyxl Worksheet & Worbook are an immutable tuple type and the Documentation is suggesting the

How to organize excel file by python?

I wrote a program to open an excel file and try to get 3 column in it. after running the program unfortunately It is not exactly what should it be. If I show you the pictures you will understand what I am talking about. This is the original excel file: enter image description here After running the program the excel

Add custom properties to Excel workbook with openpyxl

With VBA, I can edit arbitrary workbook metadata like so, and it will be reflected on SharePoint: Now, I am hoping to do the same with openpyxl I can do this for properties without spaces: but properties with spaces won’t work–I try this and the script runs, but nothing shows on SharePoint: This can be done with xlsxwriter but it

Text to Columns in Excel using Python using openpyxl

I am trying to do the “text-to-columns” feature from Excel through Python using openpyxl. The file I have is currently saved as a .xlsx. I cannot use the split() feature because my data is numbers not words. I have tried pandas but it does not work. I ran into the problem of having to download xldr but I cannot because