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How to send a complete email using smtplib python

I am trying to send an email using Python smtplib. My objective is to include the below info in email Attachment file #works fine Paste the contents of a table in message body #works fine Write a few lines about the table (as text) in message body # not works. instead stores as an attachment So, I tried the below

How to Send Emails From Databricks

I have used the code from Send email from Databricks Notebook with attachment to attempt sending code from my Databricks Community edition: I have used the following code: As you can see the code is almost identical. However, when I run the code I get the following error: Is this error also because I’m running on Databricks Community edition, as

Parse multipart/related emails

I’m trying to parse emails and convert tables within them into pandas dataframes. Since some of the emails are multipart, I took some code from this answer. The following code works fine but it breaks with multipart/related emails (no tables are found). Here’s the header of one of the multipart/related emails: Any ideas? Thanks Answer you want to parse text/html

Error “email has no attribute encode” sending email in python

I am trying to send an email using MIME in python. Below is the code I am using : but its giving me the below error: module email has no attribute encode at line: s.sendmail(“”, recipients, msg.as_bytes()) I am not able to understand why its giving this error. I have tried only using msg instead of msg.as_bytes() but its still