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Tag: python-requests

Stream OpenCV Video Capture to flask server

Greeting, I was working on a drone project, I wanted to take stream from my drone process it on my laptop and give a command based on processing, I was using the flask framework from the same. Currently, as the first step I want to take the stream from drone and PUT it to the flask server and view it

How to create multiple API requests based on different param values?

So I have this list which stores different request URLS for finding an account. Each url looks something like this. ‘’ Each URL has a different ID so the next URL in the list would be for example ‘’ I’ve tried doing something like this. This only prints out the last GET requests data. How do I write multiple requests

Error handling in variables when using Requests

I have the below code that works fully up until I set x=37. At this point, I receive the error TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object is not subscriptable on the variable t[“vintage”][“wine”][“region”][“country”][“name”]. I have added another variable that the same issue happens on almost everytime, so you may find the error there instead. I think this is because one of the 25