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Tag: python-requests

How to trigger a Javascript-generated HTML to show on the page with Python requests?

I’m using the requests module from Python to get a webpage that requires login to access. I know how to have requests enter the login details on a page, but I am having trouble accessing the form fields on this particular page because they are generated by Javascript after clicking a button. Here’s the website in question: When first

Trying to get data from a table using beautifulsoup in python

Trying to get the “all splits” line of numbers from (html code is in the picture) my code returns the ‘all splits’ text instead of the numbers I’m looking for. How do I go about changing the lookups in the GetStats function area to get the numbers instead of the first column descriptors. Answer To get the all_splits stats

How can I do a python API request with the body?

if I do a POST request on Postman with my local API server it works: But if I try in python with this syntax it doesn’t work:‘’, data={‘path’: ‘test’}).text it returns: “file argument ‘path’ is requiredn” Can you please explain me why it doesn’t work? Answer The issue is that using data on defaults to application/x-www-form-urlencoded while your