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How to trigger a Javascript-generated HTML to show on the page with Python requests?

I’m using the requests module from Python to get a webpage that requires login to access. I know how to have requests enter the login details on a page, but I am having trouble accessing the form fields on this particular page because they are generated by Javascript after clicking a button. Here’s the website in question: When first

Translating Python loop to Javascript [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 29 days ago. Improve this question How can I yield the same output in Javascript, given this Python example? I want to loop over an array and check a value, if

Sending RSA encoded message from JavaScript React to Python. Ciphertext length must be equal to key size. issue

I receive the error “Ciphertext length must be equal to key size.” when trying to send an encoded message from javascript to python. I have encoded the bytesarray to base64 in javascript and decoded the base64 back to a bytes array in Python. Yet, the issue seems to persist. Key Generation (Python): Import Key (Javascript): Encrypt Data (Javascript): Transmit Data

Python Selenium – how to get all urls on a page that only load the link after clicking on the div?

I’m trying to scrap the results from this page using Selenium, but I got stuck on obtaining the url of each result. It seems safe to say that each card’s url is not stored on a <a> element and apparently not stored at all at any point of the inner html of each div. The only way to obtain

fields_view_get does not exist in Odoo 16

I was testing the modules of Odoo 15 that I developed in Odoo 16, I was using a lot of the method fields_views_get to have some behaviors to inject domain and context, before to render the component, but currently I can not find this method. Someone here knows what will be the alternative to achieve some behavior in runtime (modify

Inserting values into JS scripts using python

I am parsing JS files stored in a directory to fetch out the values inside tags. Upon finding relevant values in the tags using regex, I want to move those values under a new section called controls. I have been able to get the required values in the controls variable using the script below: I am not able to think

Create Array from Model Data in Django Template in

I am trying to use JQuery date picker and I want to make use of the beforeShowDay method in order to block out dates in the date picker. I have been able to get the widget to work and if I define an array, the beforeShowDay method works flawlessly. But my issue is passing the data from my Django model

How to put object datefield in html input value

I have a class “client” with an attribute datefield called “birth_date”. I want to give the possibility for update this field. How can i put the default value in the form, in the input type date? Because the format in “client.birth_date” is different. If i try with, for example: The input value is setting true, but the format is different