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Tag: javascript

How to manage CORS in Django

Im trying to connect React.js[axios] and Django [hosting in Heroku] and every time I get this. On my localhosts everything works fine I get all the object except images, but all works fine. Ive allowed my host to connect but it doesn’t work and here is react.js connection part [GitHub – Front-End][2] [2]: [GitHub – Back-End][3] [3]: Answer I

Regex finding entire line from paragraph

I need to find the actual line from the paragraph, the paragraph drawing by the markdown editor you can add a checkbox, radio, textbox, and paragraph through the editor. The actual str is something like this, Do all question types have to start with ?[sometext], so I can use this regex radio -> [?] ?[([0-9a-z_].?)]({(?:[^{}]|?)})? ?[?(.?)]? ?[=] ?() ?({[0-9,]+})?([^]?)(nn|^n) checkbox

Django: Refused to apply style from … because its MIME type (‘text/html’) is not a supported stylesheet MIME type

i am trying to connet my style.css in django template using the static files {% static ‘assets/css/style.css’ %} but i keep seeing this error Refused to apply style from ‘’ because its MIME type (‘text/html’) is not a supported stylesheet MIME type, and strict MIME checking is enabled.. NOTE: when i copy my css and manually paste it in a

Does a JS equivalent of Python’s Multiple Variable Assignment exist?

Python has a succinct way of assigning a function with a parameter to multiple variables, done as a one-liner. I would like to know whether JavaScript has the same, or similar way of doing that. I have found several examples describing multiple variable assignments for JavaScript, using multiple assignments and Destructuring. The issue with these methods is that they can,

How to pass a dictionary to ChartJS?

I’m trying to pass a dictionary from my Flask file to my ChartJS but the data doesn’t load on my chart. I think there’s a problem on passing my data. Here is the format of my dictionary. Basically, it’s a time series dataframe I converted as dict. Here is my flask file: Here is my HTML file Answer I solved