Failed to set remote answer sdp: Called in wrong state: stable

I am trying to write a WebRTC application using The signalling server is written in python and looks like this. import socketio import uvicorn from starlette.applications import Starlette …

AJAX post request with django and python

I am trying to build a web app on django where a user can record something which then gets turned into text and after that sent to the server with AJAX. I did some research and found this article: …

Recaptcha missing the element “data-sitekey” making it impossible to use any captcha service apis

As the above title says, I’m attempting to use a captcha solving service but all of them request a code that’s attached to an element called “data-sitekey” that should be in the HTML of a …

Python one line if condition like in Javascript

This is a valid syntax in JavaScript: const myVar = true; myVar && myFunction() // function will be executed The same behavior can be achieved like this in Python: myVar = True if myVar: …

Passing an html element from anchor tag to django view

I would like to know how i can pass the html link element as a string into a django view and have the information rendered on that specific view. to be clear: I have this In html A django view rendered the items from a list and each item would ideally be clickable and the specific item would be passed into this view: my reads as : The problem I think may be that the click action is not actually passing the value into the function based view and I am not sure how to work around this easily.

Adding JavaScript event listener with Selenium triggers it automatically

As there is (according to my research) no way to catch user input with selenium, I am trying to use a JavaScript event listener. But when I add the event listener by executing the JavaScript code, the function is automatically triggered without me (as the user) doing anything. Furthermore, there is no way to trigger the function again. Does anyone know what the problem might be and how I could solve it? FYI: My code is in Python 3.8 Thank you in advance, Raphael The console displays “success” as soon as the script is executed, afterwards the event is never

How to make one dropdown close when clicking another dropdown

I have 2 href links in one page and on click the href opens. But when I click the other href (without closing the first one) the first one stays open. How can I solve this? At first I tried to only open and close the dropdown with CSS, but that got really messy because of the two buttons. Now I can open both buttons and close them when I click oudside of the button-area or on the button itself again. But it doesn’t close when clicking the other button. I imagine this isn’t a hard thing to solve but

Submitting reCAPTCHA v2 with selenium and python – no form submit button

So I recently signed up with anti-captcha and have been testing with the script. I cannot get past a reCAPTCHA that has no submit button (hidden or visible) nor a clear way to submit for verification. I’ve used the anti-captcha firefox plugin, so I know it can be passed. But I am stuck at the point of doing this manually myself. I thought this was going to be a helpful answer, but it doesn’t go into depth. I am able to get the job.get_solution_response() token and enter it into the required textfield, but I cannot submit the “form.” Does

Use Bokeh RadioGroup to plot selected subset of Pandas DataFrame within Jupyter

Goal Plot subsets of rows in a Pandas DataFrame by selecting a specific value of a column. Ideally plot it in jupyter notebook. What I did I have minimal knowledge of Javascript, so I have managed to plot by running Bokeh server with everything written in Python. However, I couldn’t make it in Jupyter notebook with a Javascript callback. My way of doing it sounds a bit stupid: splitting the DataFrame into subsets by values of a column and putting them into a dict, then I can select a subset by the active selection from a RadioGroup. This is my

Create an electron JS desktop app with python and react js

I want to create a desktop app with Electron JS and form front end I can use React JS as I’m familiar with it. I have a good grasp of Python I checked over the internet but they all wanted me to …