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how to remove or hide rows in odoo tree if field is 0

I have a tree where in the “jumlah” column there is a value of 0, so I want the rows that in the “jumlah” column have 0 not to be displayed in the tree. here’s a picture of the tree I have. and here is the xml view of the table above edited: sorry I still don’t really understand, I

How to make odoo progress bar use decimal?

So I am learning odoo right now, and I want to make the progress bar that use decimal to determine it’s percentage. so for example if I input a 0.5, the progress bar will show 50%, so I don’t have to input 50 to get 50%. I tried using options like below PY XML but the output is either 0/1

What is the alternative of in Odoo 13?

Right now when I started coding on Odoo v13 I found that Odoo has been removed What is the alternative of the in Odoo v13 ? Answer In odoo13 by default instance method will accept self as multi instance (multi-recordset). So for instance method, you should remove the and @api.multi decorator from […]