Odoo14 – AttributeError: ‘tuple’ object has no attribute ‘cache'” while evaluating

I have a model in Odoo to register some logs(Log) and a helper class(Helper) with async function to receive some data ad register on Log, this _job_function is called by a Cron Job like this: class …

How to log warning, error and other info in Odoo development? [closed]

Question: I want to log the warning in odoo logs if any warning or error comes up. Is there any way out of it? Thanks in advance.

What is the alternative of @api.one in Odoo 13?

Right now when I started coding on Odoo v13 I found that Odoo has been removed @api.one. What is the alternative of the @api.one in Odoo v13 ? Answer In odoo13 by default instance method will accept self as multi instance (multi-recordset). So for instance method, you should remove the @api.one and @api.multi decorator from your methods. For a single instance(single recordset), you still can check with self.ensure_one() or you can apply your own logic.