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Odoo14 – AttributeError: ‘tuple’ object has no attribute ‘cache'” while evaluating

I have a model in Odoo to register some logs(Log) and a helper class(Helper) with async function to receive some data ad register on Log, this _job_function is called by a Cron Job like this:

class Log(models.Model):
    _name = 'saas.autobackup'
    _description = 'Description'

    field1 = fields.Char()
    field2 = fields.Char()
    field3 = fields.Datetime()

  def _job_function(self):
     helper = Hekper(self, ...) #Function receive self(Log) as parameter  #call functions

This is the helper class:

class Helper():
  def __init__(self, og_obj)
    self.log_obj = log_obj  #Receive the Log object as parameter
  async def some_async_func(self):
   (...) #Some async functions to get val1 and val2
  def create_log(self, val1, val2)
    vals = {'field1': val1, 'field2': val1, 'field3': '2021-01-01'}

  def run(self):
    loop = asyncio.new_event_loop()
    future = asyncio.ensure_future(self.some_async_func())

For debugging propuser i have override the create class, to check if i’m sending wrong data. When the job is executed and the create_log function is called, the program correctly enters the create function, I also checked the data sent in create, and I verified that they were correct, just like the one I keep when trying to create within the Odoo interface itself. the “create” button. But inside Odoo by the create button, create normally and by the create_log function I get this error:

ValueError: <class 'AttributeError'>: "'tuple' object has no attribute 'cache'" while evaluating



As this is a threading problem, you need to make sure to create a new cursor.

    def create_log(self, val1, val2)
        vals = {'field1': val1, 'field2': val1, 'field3': '2021-01-01'}
        with api.Environment.manage():
            with registry( as new_cr:
                new_env = api.Environment(new_cr, self.env.uid, self.env.context)