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XML/lxml Parsing first occurrence using something like [0] maybe?

The code below returns all the “str1″‘s but I only want the first “str1” for each one of these: CrntRgstns->BrnchOfLocs->BrnchOfLoc. As in just “13A MAIN ST” not …

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I have an xml document that I have to parse. I’m using python 3.8 and the lxml module. The XML contains Titles which has other child element tags like the xml below. I need to only find the “…

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I am having trouble parsing data in this manner for an XML file which is converted to a CSV: For the first column, I would like to get the general name tag (recordingSystem, Ports, etc) and …

How to replace an XML node via python

I am new in python and I have a – maybe – stupid problem with XML files (yep, I’ve tried to google the solution but without results). I have to write a program which will replace/switch two things, so first of all, here is the XML data, it looks like this: How in python i could change some_name to be in data=”? So it should be like this: If it’s a stupid question, sorry about that, but I truly googled it and I cannot find a solution. UPDATE: Here is the few lines of python code that I wrote: And

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I need to extract the value of an attribute in an XML document using Python. For example, If I have an XML document like this:

xml.etree.ElementTree get node depth

The XML: Labs

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