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How to convert list data to xml using python

I have been trying to convert list data to xml file. But getting below error : ValueError: Invalid tag name ‘0’ This is my header : ‘Name,Job Description,Course’ Code: Answer The df you created is improper. There are two scenarios. If you took name, job description, course as single header. You will fail at the point of saving df to

Read XML line by line without loading whole file to memory

This is structure of my XML: Can I load every row one by one without loading whole XML file into memory? For example printing all of the titles Answer Providing the XML file is structured exactly as shown in the example then BeautifulSoup could be used to parse relevant lines. Something like this:

Parsing a XML child element back as a string

I’m trying to parse a complex XML and xpath isn’t behaving like I thought it would. Here’s my sample xml: Here’s my python code: I get the output: when I expected: What am I doing wrong? Answer This XPath will get text and elements as expected Printing found nodes as OP requested Result with_tail argument prevents tail text to be

I cannot parse this xml file in python

I am trying to create an API connection and response is looking like below. I need to parse this data and turn it into a pd dataframe and/or create loop to find specific information belong to tags. Below is the code i try to run but it returns with empty list, and it looks not iterable. Also it is not

Xpath: How to check if a tag comes before text or after text?

Assume I have the following two example pieces of HTML: <p>This is some text: <b>ABCD12345</b></p> <p><b>Name:</b> John Doe</p> I’m able to separate the <b> and non-<b> parts, but I (also) want to know how to determine whether the <b> part is at the start or at the end of the text (in other words; whether it has text before or