Split CSV values on single row into individual rows

I have a Python script that outputs a text file with thousands of random filenames in a comma separated list, all on a single row. I want to take each value in the list and put it into its own row in a new CSV file. I’ve tried some variations of awk with no success. What’s the best way to move these values into their own rows? Answer With GNU sed: Or, for a portable alternative,

How do you scan characters in multi-character multi-string arrays in Python?

I’m working on my first Python project for a device that reads a string from OCR and outputs braille. The braille device can only output 6 letters at a time. I’m stuck trying to scan each character in the 6 character long multi-string array. For simplicity’s sake, for now I only want to print “this is (insert character)” for every character in the multi-string array. In reality, the output would be to run the code that tells the first two motors to create the character in braille, and then do it for the remaining 5 characters with the 10 remaining