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Remove text lines and strip lines with condition in python

I have a text file in this format: I want to remove the lines that don’t have a [number1,number2,number3,number4,1] or [number1,number2,number3,number4,5] ending and also strip the text line and remove the [blocks] -> [number1,number2,number3,number4,number5] that don’t fulfill this condition. The above text file should look like this in the end: My code: I have tried something like this and it

Use list items as column seperators pd.read_fwf

I have text files containing tables which I want to put into a dataframe. Per file the column headers are the same, but the width is different depending on the content (because they contain names of different lengths for example). So far I managed to get the index of the first character of the header, so I know where the

collect subprocess outputs and write to excel in python

I wrote a loop in python to cope with a list of tasks, and during every loop certain outputs (plain text) from either stderr or stdout will be generated, what I want is trying to collect them inside python and at the end write them together into excel. I also tried before write them respectively after every loop into excel

Extract Number of pages from a text column

I have a text column which contains comments like: 6 pages, LaTeX, no figures 19 pages, latex, 4 figures as uuencoded postscript files Invited Talk at the “VII Marcel Grossman Meeting on General Relativity” – Stanford, July 1994. 14 pages, latex, five figures, which will be available upon request. 15 pp. Phyzzx I am looking to extract the number of

Regex Help for text/pattern between two keywords

I am trying to extract text between two words. The below pattern repeats itself with modifications in between ‘start keyword’ and ‘end keyword’ across the text document. The document has paragraphs and text before and after the following patterns, which i don’t want to extract. Can anyone help me with the regex for the following ? which would extract all