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Finding button by XPath with Selenium

I have been trying to locate the following button using Selenium WebDriver: I used css selector, xpath, class and nothing seems to work (even by just copy pasting the one given by the inspector. The closest I’ve been is locating the div with the class _1ibtygfe) Here is everything I tried, I’m desperate I don’t understand why it does not

How can i click an button inside 2 divs in selenium python?

I’m trying to make selenium click Button1 but for some reasons, I get the following error: selenium.common.exceptions.NoSuchElementException: Message: Unable to locate element: Button1 I believe the error is happening because it is inside a div/ul/li tag but I can’t either figure out how to do it, I’m stuck. HTML: Python Code: Edit: I found out that the html is generated

Change RGB of an Image using python

I’m trying to change the color of an image using RGB values in python, for example, if I want to change my image to grayscale I want to be able to manipulate the RGB values of the image. I’ve read that if I want my image in grayscale I would have to do something like Gray = (RedValue + GreenValue