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pytest throws exception while using ClickArguments SystemExit: 0

I am trying to run a test case for a python script. Test case is successful when I don’t use Click decorator and argument in python script method. But when I am using it, it gives SystemExit: 0. tests/ When I run the test case: then the test fails with: The full output is: Answer Don’t run click commands

Click (Meta) Command to run a list of commands

I need to be able to trigger multiple click commands from one command on the CLI Let’s say I have a click group What functionality should I add to run an ordered list of the commands like the following? The goal is that there are shared variables which get initialized for each of my commands. The init is expensive and

Selenium Python Checkbox Click

I am trying to access the following HTML checkbox for a button click: using: but keep getting error: what might be the element path I am looking for in order to select the checkbox? Answer Your xpath is most likely incorrect – you need to enter // before the element as this will find all (single slash / will work

How do I use a feature on a website using python

I am trying to figure out how to activate/click on a feature using python. Like it goes to a page and click on a certain button. How can I do this? Are there any modules that may help? Answer Try using the selenium package in Python. Once you pip install selenium and download chromedriver, you should be able to use

more than one constructor in a python class

I come from the Java programming language and I know that you can have more than one constructor there. My question now is: is that also possible in Python? My Problem: I have a class, where I have my help functions for my commands (implemented with click). These commands are not in the history class. Now my commands sometimes only