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Tag: variables

exporting DF to csv with variable file names

I would like to keep this same code but adjust the .to_csv section to save a variable repeating file name I would like the names of the exported files to look like this…I think I need some sort of loop? Period 1 layer 1.csv Period 1 layer 2.csv Period 1 layer 3.csv Period 1 layer 4.csv Period 1 layer 5.csv

Python variable file path and string prefixes

Using tkinter to select output folder for processed files. Would like to use file_output and x as variables for my file path, My attempt: This does not work in my program. The output I need is I am reading the docs Still don’t understand how to escape or a workaround, Help would be much appreciated. Answer you can easily

Class variables not callable?

I’ve stumbled on what is probably a simple issue but I struggle to think of a solution. If I try to make a class variable that equates to a number or an array index they come up with these errors and This seems odd since I can set variables equal to ints and arrays elsewhere. What am I missing and

Python local variable to global variable

I’m trying to write a modular script, with functions -Function 1 age = input(“tell me your age : “) -Function 2 weight = input(“tell me your weight : “) -Function 3 birthday = input(“tell me your birthday : “) at the end, i want to send a mail outside functions like : mail_body = age + weight + birthday Thanks

In Python, why my variable StartingU get updated when I only update the variable AverageU in my for loops? What is wrong with the code?

The purpose is to calculate the average value (AverageU) from a starting array (StartingU) The for loops that calculate the average values for AverageU Output: The problem is why StartingU gets updated? It should be unchanged Answer AverageU changed since this code, not after for loop. AverageU and StartingU are the same instances. You can check it with is function.