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Python local variable to global variable

I’m trying to write a modular script, with functions

-Function 1 age = input(“tell me your age : “)

-Function 2 weight = input(“tell me your weight : “)

-Function 3 birthday = input(“tell me your birthday : “)

at the end, i want to send a mail outside functions like :

mail_body = age + weight + birthday

Thanks you for your time !



you could either use the return command at the end of function to deliver the information to where it is called

mail_body = age + weight + birthday
return mail_body

for example if your function is mailinfo() then you can process the info like

mail_body = mailinfo() #after using return command in function

Or you can declare mail_body as a global function at the start of program

mail_body = "placeholder"
global mail_body
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