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solving single variable two sided equation in sympy

Can anyone advise on why the below code using Sympy would error with ‘Add’ object is not callable? I am trying to solve a simple single variable linear expression. It can be solved by hand and Wolfram Alpha gives a solution for ‘y’. Not sure how else to input it into Sympy. I might be less well versed in math

Is there a function in sympy or scipy that corresponds to massMatrixForm in matlab?

I am learning rigid body kinematics from: . The link to the matlab source code is at the bottom of the page. Derive the Poisson top’s equations of motion: Solve the Poisson top’s equations of motion: I rewrote most of the code for the derivation process in python, though may not be elegant code. In fact, it

Graphing Inequalities in python

I’m looking to create a program that will randomly generate lines (that are inequalities) and that will show the area that satisfies the constraints. I don’t mind which libraries are used so feel free to use sympy, numpy etc I will show my current code but this just fills the area between 2 lines and doesn’t use inequalities at all.

SymPy returns wrong solution of a nonlinear ODE?

I am trying to solve the ODE of the frictional free fall: I think the solution might be wrong. I believe it should be the reciprocal of the returned expression. Therefore, if I try to find the value of the constant for an initial condition of rest (v(0) = 0), I get no real solutions: As a consequence, if I

What is the difference between (matplotlib) and (SymPy Plotting Module)? ①Why is it that the above source code can be used to create a plot, but the following source code cannot? ②Can you point me to a web site that has a table comparing (matplotlib) and (SymPy Plotting Module)? ③(matplotlib) to (SymPy Plotting Module) converter and a (SymPy Plotting Module) to (matplotlib) converter would be helpful. Answer ①Why is it

sympy matplolib piecewise TypeError?

matplotlib TypeError? Please tell me the difference. i want to use plt.plot OK Error.why? raise TypeError(“can’t convert expression to float”) TypeError: can’t convert expression to float (ref) Sympy issues with plotting a piecewise function sympy piecewise:How can I plot a piecewise function using matplotlib? (20220315) Answer Matplotlib expects arrays of points rather than symbolic expressions. SymPy’s plot function is designed