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exporting DF to csv with variable file names

I would like to keep this same code but adjust the .to_csv section to save a variable repeating file name

for i in range(round(len(usersDf)/577)):

I would like the names of the exported files to look like this…I think I need some sort of loop?

Period 1 layer 1.csv

Period 1 layer 2.csv

Period 1 layer 3.csv

Period 1 layer 4.csv

Period 1 layer 5.csv

Period 2 layer 1.csv

Period 2 layer 2.csv

Period 2 layer 3.csv

Period 2 layer 4.csv

Period 2 layer 5.csv

Period 3 layer 1.csv

And so on….till the loop ends



no_of_periods = 577
    no_of_layers = 5
    for i in range(no_of_periods):
        for j in range(no_of_layers):
            filename = f"Period {i+1} layer {j+1}.csv"

You can try this one out.

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