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Tag: dataset

Problems with DataFrame indexing with pandas

Using pandas, I have to modify a DataFrame so that it only has the indexes that are also present in a vector, which was acquired by performing operations in one of the df’s columns. Here’s the specific line of code used for that (please do not mind me picking the name ‘dataset’ instead of ‘dataframe’ or ‘df’): it worked, and

Read XML line by line without loading whole file to memory

This is structure of my XML: Can I load every row one by one without loading whole XML file into memory? For example printing all of the titles Answer Providing the XML file is structured exactly as shown in the example then BeautifulSoup could be used to parse relevant lines. Something like this:

Summing up all repeated values in a dataset

I have a dataset in which in a column I have the name of a person and in another column I have the amount she was paid for a given service. I’d like to build a list with the names of all people ordained by the total amount they were paid regardless of the service they performed. Example: I figured