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Tag: data-analysis

Pandas creating a column comparing with different sheets

My excel includes id of users in current sheet/user sheet and id and name of the users in another sheet/name. I need to compare id and add the name of users in user sheet.Just as shown in figure. Answer assuming: sheet1 is ‘s1’ sheet2 is ‘s2’ and names of the columns are user_id,names you can use dictionary to do this

Summing up all repeated values in a dataset

I have a dataset in which in a column I have the name of a person and in another column I have the amount she was paid for a given service. I’d like to build a list with the names of all people ordained by the total amount they were paid regardless of the service they performed. Example: I figured

Function plotting with matplotlib

I am trying to model an equation that depends on T and parameters xi, mu, sig. I have inferred parameters and spread(standard deviation) of those parameters for different durations (1h, 3h, etc). In the example code the parameters are for 1h duration. I need to create a forloop to create a cloud of zp with the array of xi, mu

module ‘networkx’ has no attribute ‘from_pandas_edgelist’

here is my code: and there is an error:AttributeError: module ‘networkx’ has no attribute ‘from_pandas_edgelist’* however, this the documents of networx we could find networkx has the attribute. here is the link of the documents:from_pandas_edgelist why did this question happen? Answer Are you defining the alias nx as follows: If yes, try calling the required function as follows: