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Tag: os.walk

Print number of occurrences of any items in a list in paths

I am using os.walk to identify paths in a generic source directory (SRC) that contain any strings in my_list: And let’s say that print(source_path) gives the following: My goal is to shutil.move my source_path’s, but since, for example, moving /User/dir_1/bird_files/ and then trying to move /User/dir_1/bird_files/bird_a_files/ will result in a FileNotFound Error, I want to filter my source_path’s to include

How to modify specific line in sql file?

I am trying to modify a line in sql file in a directory. Currently have written the code which navigates to files directory according to user input . each sql file in that dir has these 2 lines: I am trying to do is loop through all files and I want to change-set every-time the […]