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Tag: scipy

Scipy ifft gives different results with seemingly identical input

Why would xcorr and xcorr2 be quite different here? M1 and M2 are numpy matrices. M1.shape[0] = M2.shape[0]. xcorr is what I would expect with this operation, but xcorr2 is something totally different and has imaginary numbers. xcorr does not have imaginary numbers. Answer Try giving xcorr and xcorr2 dtype=complex. According to scipy docs, the output from both fft and

Installing scipy and scikit-learn on apple m1

The installation on the m1 chip for the following packages: Numpy 1.21.1, pandas 1.3.0, torch 1.9.0 and a few other ones works fine for me. They also seem to work properly while testing them. However when I try to install scipy or scikit-learn via pip this error appears: ERROR: Failed building wheel for numpy Failed to build numpy ERROR: Could

Conformal plotting python

I’m working on the joukowsky transformation for plotting airfoils and I’m trying to do so with python. The conformal mapping should be pretty straight forward but can’t seem to find a guide on how to …