How to get form POST input in Tornado?

I amd new to Tornado framework and trying to make a simple form to upload images:

Sending data from HTML form to a Python script in Flask

I have the code below in my Python script: def cmd_wui(argv, path_to_tx): “””Run a web UI.””” from flask import Flask, flash, jsonify, render_template, request import webbrowser app = …

How do I get my HTML button to delete the right list item from a SQLite database?

I’m a beginner, so forgive any stupidity in advance. I’m using Flask (and by extension Jinja2) to create a simple web app — one that basically lets you type a movie into a web form, which adds it to a SQLite database. I’ve gotten Flask to very nicely iterate through all the movies in the database and print them to the page upon load. I want to include a “Delete” button next to each movie. Getting the button to appear is simple. But I’m not sure how to tie the button back to the function delete_movie() such that it will