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Tag: forms

Django – dropdown form with multiple select

I need guidance building a django dropdown forms.Form field in which I can select multiple choices. I need to select multiple locations on the office field of the form. When submitted, the form needs to return a list of the chosen offices (e.g. [“New York”, “Los Angeles”] or [“Austin”]). Returning a tuple is also acceptable. The best I can do

How to Get all post data from a request in Django?

Is there any way get all the form names from a request in Django ? Html request in the above I can get only from the name I know, what I need is to get all names of the django request and later parse it and get data. Answer Try use this: But if you need print a dynamic POST

How to get form POST input in Tornado?

I amd new to Tornado framework and trying to make a simple form to upload images: I can successfully receive the Posted file using: However I’m unable to receive the alt input. I tried alt = self.request.alt but I get this error and when I use alt = self.request.files[‘alt’], I get: I ran out of ideas so appreciate your help.

Sending data from HTML form to a Python script in Flask

I have the code below in my Python script: Also, I have an HTML form in init.html: How can I pass the user input from “projectFilepath” when a user clicks “spotButton” on a variable in my python script? I’m new in Python and Flask, so forgive me if I make any mistakes. Answer The form tag needs some attributes set: