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Different lines of input and output in Python

I’m currently trying to solve the max value problem. However, I’m now having a hard time getting many outputs at the same time. I try to use input().splitlines() to do it, but I only get one output. The test case and output need to have many lines just as the box’s examples. If anyone can provide me with some assistance,

limited input numbers and save a list into a list

user input example split using ” ” the space between them and turn them to inteager the and should be = but after spliting and converting each number should be < 10 and >= 0 and save it to be the i need to input the line 9 times not once and been duplicate Answer Here’s the code updated for

asyncio.gather not executing tasks when caller function requests input from STDIN?

In the following contrived example I am attempting to get input from STDIN and execute a list of coroutine tasks concurrently using asyncio.gather based on the input from STDIN.: However when executing the above code the output does not contain the desired output when the corresponding option is entered. Input ‘1’ from STDIN should print to STDOUT: Input ‘2’ from