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Tag: subprocess

Python. Calling openssl.exe in Windows

I have a Python script that needs to call openssl.exe in Windows. Here’s the script: If I uncomment the “os.startfile” line, I get a file not found error. That makes sense. os.startfile can’t handle arguments (is that correct?) If I uncomment the subprocess.Popen line, openssl starts, performs as it should, then hangs. openssl.exe process never exits, and so the script

Python subprocess returning exception

I have the following code that has been working until recently: it calls the and returns messages as the child process runs. When I run the main code, I’m getting the following exception: Like I mentioned, this code was working before but I might have stuffed up since I’ve been working on improvements. Any clues on what could be

Python subprocess Popen periodic callback

I am running an HPC simulation on amazon AWS with spot instances. Spot instances can be terminated with 2 minutes notice by AWS. In order to check for termination you need to exectute curl on a spefiic URL every 5 seconds. It is a simple request that returns a json with the termination time, if AWS have initiated the termination