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Tag: bash

How to pass arguments to ros launch file from bash script and how to create ros launch file running python script with those parser arguments

I have a python script which runs as follows: I have launch file are follows: Bash script as: I want to pass this foldername in bash to roslaunch file (cam_calibrator.launch) as above, then get that folder-name as argument and send that to my python script “” just like –size, –square and image:=/topic_name arguments as well to the image_pub_sub c++ script.

Parse text with uncertain number of fields

I have a file (~50,000 lines) text.txt as below, which contains some gene info from five individuals (AB, BB, CA, DD, GG). The t in the file is a tab seperator. There are also a lot of info that are not useful in the file, and I would like to clean it up. So What I need is to extract

Converting an argparse bash script into a python script

Consider the bash script below. The script is an argparse script with various variables. How would I convert this bash script to a python script so that I could run it in a python IDE with the various variables? Answer This bash input should produce a sys.argv that looks like that’s a rough guess; bash may be handling the