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Tag: windows

Error in the installation of tesseract ( pycharm python)

I have installed open-cv, jupyter … But i have problems with tesseract. I have installed tesseract application but i can’t install this on pycharm. Someone can help me? Answer First you need to install the executable file. The link of downloading executable file on windows: If you have already installed the executable file of tesseract then you can install

Unable to determine R library path

I am new to R. I am running Jupyter Lab on a Windows 11 machine, and have created a virtual environment where I installed some packages and irkernel. I get the following message when I execute %load_ext rpy2.ipython: Here is my complete code: Apart from the environment variables, the above code comes from David Mertz book “Cleaning Data for Effective

Safety and Clobber errors during clone of anaconda base environment (Version 2022.05)

I installed the anaconda distribution (version 2022.05) on a windows 10 (64 bit) machine. During installation I followed the recommendations given here (installed it only for myself and didn’t add anaconda to the PATH variable). I didn’t change any setting, so you can assume a virgin anaconda with default settings. I need to install some additional packages which aren’t part