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Tag: pylance

Python annotate type as regex pattern

I have a dictionary annotation The value of time: will always be formatted like 2022-01-01 00:00:00, or “%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S”. I’d like a way to express this in the type annotation Something like WIth the goal of IDE hinting through VSCode Intellisense and Pylance. Are regex-defined type annotations supported? Answer Leaving out philosophical discussions about what should or should not be

Pylance: “ClassVar” is not allowed in this context?

With the following function: I’m getting this error from Pylance in Visual Studio Code: “ClassVar” is not allowed in this context I’m using Python3.9 and Pylance v2021.10.0. In this example the Email class has a “make_stub” function, which has a _not_overriden attribute set to True. When I inspect a module for subclasses of that class I can use this to

How to fix pylance syntax highlighting showing wrong color for self and cls python class parameters in VSCode with enabled default theme

I have encountered this issue when I use Pylance and syntax highlighting is enabled for python in the VSCode with default or the visual studio theme. self and cls parameter are LightSkyBlue color like other parameters It should be like this: Answer Added the color code inside of the settings.json file for the default dark theme. These two issues on

Can the * (unpacking) operator be typed in Python? Or any other variadic args function such that all variadic types are in the result type?

Working with type stubs, I’m wondering if it’s possible to express a type in Python that allows you to type this correctly for any number of arguments: At first glance, I came with: But this of course will only type correctly the first T. Is the only possible way to write the overrides for all arities? This is not complete

Can’t fully disable python linting Pylance VSCODE

I’ve been searching online for quite a while now and can’t seem to find a solution for my problem. I installed Pylance (the newest Microsoft interpreter for Python) and can’t seem to disable linting at all. I’ve tried a lot of options but none worked. Here’s a screenshot of how annoying linting is in my code now. Here’s how my