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VS Code cursor bug in terminal

Cursor repeating and remaining in the Integrated Terminal in VS Code I encountered this bug in my terminal while doing Python tutorial so downloaded and reinstalled the same version (latest version of VS Code) but the problem persists. I looked about for some answers but only found this tutorial which is not related. Anyway, I reinstalled the software only to

vscode Flake8 ignore

Flake8 was installed lately by one of the updates of vscode. I think it is time to comply to the “rules” of python to writer better and more readable code. Unfortunately I have some errors that I cannot fix in the code (no discussion about that, but a local module has to be loaded before some others). I want to

Python module not found even though its installed

Does anyone else have this issue? For reference check this screenshot: PIP is also up to date and I already tried reinstalling it but it didn’t work neither. I’m using VS Code. It also worked just fine yesterday but today it didn’t anymore for some reason. Answer Your mss package is installed locally, but you are using a virtual environment

Error in running a project regarding virtual environment and “DJANGO_SECRET_KEY” in VS code

I want to run a project from gitlab on my local machine. I cloned the project, created a virtual environment and activated it. When I want to run without debugging I got this error: The output of this project is a form, how can I solve this error to get the output? Answer There’s a good explanation here basically

VSCode Python Test Discovery fails´╝č

VS Code version: version Version: 1.69.2 (Universal)) Extension version (available under the Extensions sidebar): v2021.12.1559732655 OS and version: MacOS 12.3.1 Python version: 3.6.8 Type of virtual environment used (N/A | venv | virtualenv | conda | …): venv Relevant/affected Python packages and their versions: pytest==7.0.1 problem: Answer Since none of the above answers solved my problem, I recently google the