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Tag: visual-studio-code

How can i add Anaconda Prompt to VScode terminal?

i’m trying to add anaconda prompt to vscode terminal. i googled it, but i found that it’s not possible method cuz is now unavailable on settings. is there any way to solve this? Answer I’m sorry to tell you that it can’t be realized at present.The Python extension automatically detects existing conda environments provided that the environment contains

Invoke a lambda from VSCode python

could not find any answer on this. All the tutorials mention how to use AWS toolkit or how to locally develop and test your lambda on VSCode. That’s not what I would like, I already have a lambda, and I would just like to invoke it. To call a s3 or Dynamo DB, I can just run What is the

VSCode not recognizing python import and functions

Can someone let me know what the squiggly lines represent in the image? The actual error the flags up when I hover my mouse over the squiggly line is: Import “pyspark.sql.functions” could not be resolvedPylance I’m not sure what that means, but I’m getting the error for almost all functions in VSCode. Can someone let me know how to resolve

VSCode Python: execute statement during debug

Is it possible to execute statements while the debug mode is active, possibly in the interactive mode? Let’s say I’m working with a dataframe, and it doesn’t behave as I want. I go line by line in debug mode, and I want to check some properties while doing that, for example the number of NaN values. Using the variable window